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Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analysis

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What is it ..?

The Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer combines Modern Medical Technology with Chinese Medicine Meridian Theory.  This advanced electronic system collects the weak magnetic field of human cells for scientific analysis and compares each organ with the referenced database, thereby analyzing and determining a person's health status and putting forward standard prevention recommendations.  


prevention is better than cure

The human body is comprised of approx. 37 trillion cells that are in continuous growth, development, differentiation, regeneration and apoptosis (death).  Our cells constantly self-renew through cell division.  Cells are made up of charged atoms and electrons.  During cell division and growth, the electrons located outside the nucleus of the atom are in constant high-speed movement, continuously emitting electromagnetic waves.



The electromagnetic wave signals emitted by the human body represent the specific state of the human body.  These signals are different depending on the condition of the human body (e.g. health, sub-health, disease).  By determining these specific electromagnetic wave signals, we can determine the current health status of the body.  Quantum Energy Medicine considers that the most fundamental reason of falling sick is due to a change in the spin and orbit of charged electrons outside of the atomic nucleus.  This change may then affect the weak electromagnetic wave emitted by atoms, molecules, cells, tissues and organs.



The frequency and energy of the weak magnetic field of your cells can be measured by a quantum sensor.  The results are processed by the computer and compared with the quantum resonance spectra of standard diseases, health, nutrition or toxic indicators stored in the database.  A quantum value is output for the desired parameters that ranges from negative to positive.  The magnitude and direction of the quantum value can indicate the nature and extent of the disease, and the level of nutrition, health or toxic burden.



The principle is similar to listening to a broadcast from the radio.  There are many radio waves in the air.  When you want to listen to a specific broadcast, you may select the corresponding frequency on the radio.  Through the principle of resonance, you are able to listen to your selected broadcast.  Quantum resonance uses the same principle for scanning our bodies.

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